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Common Cabinet Refacing Mistakes & How to Avoid Them

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A primary objective during a kitchen remodel, and sometimes the only objective is changing the appearance of the cabinets. Surprisingly, structurally in good shape, cabinets are often replaced or even demolished simply because the homeowner no longer likes their look. For comparison, this is similar to getting rid of an available vehicle just because you do not like its color. However, in numerous situations, the look of your kitchen can change dramatically through a process known as refacing. This process offers most of the benefits that a cabinet replacement would for a fraction of the cost.

What is Cabinet Refacing, And What Are Common Mistakes People Make When Performing This Process?

Cabinet refacing is the process of replacing the cabinet “skins” by removing the doors and drawers and applying a fresh coat of veneer over the existing surfaces of the cabinets. In addition, the hardware (hinges, handles, and drawer pulls) often changes during the refacing process. Common mistakes people make when performing the cabinet refacing process are:

  • Mismatched styles
  • Clashing colors
  • Layout conflicts
  • Low-quality materials
  • Flash-in-the-pan looks
  • DIY cabinet refacing

How Refacing Works

Whether it be a professional or a skilled and patient DIYer performing a cabinet refacing, the process follows the same steps:

  • Remove cabinet doors, drawers, and fronts, leaving the rest of the drawers boxes intact.
  • Cover the front portions of the cabinet boxes with either a natural wood veneer or a melamine-based product like RTF (Rigid Thermofoil)
  • “Skin” cabinet sides with wood veneer or laminate
  • If necessary, add new door hinges. Remember that you can reuse the hinges, so keep them in good condition.
  • Install new doors and drawer fronts
  • Put in new handles, drawer pulls, etc., reusing existing hardware if it is in good condition.
  • Install crown molding, glass panels, lighting, and other storage accessories.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, a cabinet refacing professional will typically require 2 to 4 days to perform this process.

Evaluating Cabinets for Refacing 

While not every cabinet is a good contender for refacing, old cabinets are certainly not bad contenders. Many older cabinet boxes are sturdier than the newer factory-manufactured cabinet boxes and will receive new veneers and doors quite well. Good contenders for a cabinet refacing have the following elements:

  • A sturdy cabinet box construction comes from smooth plywood or MDF panels. Smooth, solid surfaces are required for new veneers to adhere correctly.
  • Solid hardwood face frames as they will receive veneers and can anchor new doors solidly.
  • Hardware (drawer tracks and internal storage elements) is in good condition. If the drawers do not function smoothly or the cabinets need shelving and storage accessories, it may not be worth it to incur the expense of refacing.

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Elite Paint has a track record of consistent service and dependability. At Elite Paint, we offer many services, including cabinet refinishingcommercial paintingexterior paintinginterior painting and residential painting.

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