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Preparation: Getting Your Home Ready for Your Painters

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When it comes to house painting, the proper preparation can make a significant difference in the final results. Preparing a house for painting boosts the paint’s lifespan and improves the overall appeal.

So, what do you need to do to ensure your interior house painting work goes smoothly? In this post, learn everything you need to know about properly preparing a house for painting for a fabulous outcome.

How to Prep a House for Painting

Before you call a professional painter and start preparing a house for painting, it is essential to determine what paint job you want. For example, do you need indoor painting services, or do you want to freshen up the exterior paint? Are you into colorful enamel options or a textured feel?

If you aren’t sure, it is better to discuss the options with the painting professional and get expert recommendations for your house. Then, once you figure out what kind of paint job you want, you can continue to the next steps.

Here is how to prep a house for painting:

Prime the Walls

Preparing walls for repainting is crucial. Adding a primer helps new paint stick to the surface and enhances the overall appeal. It is essential to prime areas where old paint has peeled off, but experts advise priming the entire house for better results.

Priming the walls is especially important if you use latex paint over oil-based paint. Select a light-colored primer, and once you’ve primed, don’t leave any surface unpainted.

Remove Wall Decor

Before the painting professional arrives, it is essential to remove any wall decorations and art from the walls. Place them in a safe place, outside the work area. Because house painting takes up much time, the painter won’t have time to remove decorations from the walls, so it is better to do it alone.

Remove Furniture

Removing furniture is also an essential step. The painter can move freely and complete the painting process sooner when no furniture is around,. Place the furniture in the garage or someplace safe to ensure it won’t get damaged during the painting procedure.


Don’t forget to do a complete cleaning job in each room of the house you plan on having painted. Cleaning the walls and removing contaminants such as dirt, dust, and mold will ensure particles don’t fall on the freshly painted walls.

It also makes it easier when the painting process is over; you can return the furniture and decorations without cleaning the room first.

Calling for House Painting Inspection vs. Painting Job

We all know how quickly maintenance costs add up. If you neglect a maintenance task for too long, the expense will only increase.

Ultimately, you will have no option but to pay for repair or replacement. The house paint interior or exterior is no different.

When homeowners finally notice a problem with the paint and call a professional, it is often too late. In most situations, the problem went undetected until it became significant enough to get noticed. Although some issues tend to be unnoticed by an untrained eye, painting professionals can spot the problem sooner and fix the damage promptly.

When you call a house painting professional, determine whether you want an inspection or a painting job.

Painting Inspection Can Save You Money

Your exterior paint is your home’s first impression, so it should look impeccable. The exterior paint also protects your home from various elements, including dirt, dust, and other particles degrading the paint.

With painting inspection, professionals can notice problems before they start. We encourage you to consider a painting inspection if you plan to call a professional for a painting job.

A painting inspection reduces homeowner stress and unnecessary expenses.

Should You Power Wash Before Home Interior Painting?

Power washing before home interior painting removes dust and dirt build-up.

Essential steps to painting a house exterior include a thorough cleaning. Power washing allows the fresh coat to bond properly with the undercoat.

So, when preparing a house for painting exterior walls, make sure to consider professional power washing services. Don’t trap dirt in fresh paint.

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