7 Real Exterior Painting Benefits Make It Worth the Cost

exterior painting benefits

Are you wondering if exterior painting is a good investment? Homeowners are quick to renovate a home’s interior but may hold back on improving the outside of their house. However, a simple change, such as a new coat of paint on your house, will help beautify your property immensely.

Many hesitate to hire painters because of the cost. That said, for the exterior paint job to really shine, it’s best to leave it to professionals. An expert paint application is well worth the investment.

An exterior painting service is an excellent choice to improve your home’s appearance. However, there are many other benefits to this seemingly simple job, such as:

Increase Your Home Value

Painting your home’s exterior will help increase its value. When you choose to sell your house, this renovation allows you to up your asking price. That can offset the painting cost and earn you more besides.

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way to improving a home’s aesthetic appeal. Your house’s pristine appearance will draw potential buyers to your home.

Protect the Exterior Against Weather

Did you know that painting can help protect your home when it faces snow, rain, and other inclement weather? Exterior painting acts as a shield against the elements. High-quality paint is strong enough to hold well in certain weather conditions.

Some paint can also help keep moisture from entering your home and promote mold growth. In addition, some outdoor paint can also repel debris and insects.

Reduce Peeling and Stains

Over time, old paint will peel and may have unwanted stains. If you notice any peeling or marks, repainting can eliminate these blemishes and restore your home’s natural beauty.

New Style

Your home probably needs an update if it has been a while since you moved into it. While switching out all the furniture, don’t forget that the outside of the house can contribute just as much to a new aesthetic. Exterior painting service in the right color will create a new mood to match your updated style.

Preserve Your Trim and Siding

Sidings and trims collect a lot of debris and dust. This buildup will make your house look untidy and decrease curb appeal. A new coat of paint will help protect and seal both siding and trim, extending their lifespans.

Updating the Type of Paint

If you last painted your home some time ago, the quality of the paint you used is likely much lower than what’s available today. When planning an exterior painting project, take the opportunity to invest in high-quality paint, which will last longer. Modern paint comes in just as many colors as older varieties (if not more) and is much more durable.

Identifying Insect Damage

While examining your home to plan out their work, a professional painting company can help identify cracks and detect insect damage. Unfortunately, insect damage is expensive to repair. So, the earlier you catch it, the better for both your house and your wallet.

A new coat of paint will also help protect against any further insect damage. It will help close and cover entry spots, preventing infestation. Of course, fresh paint also makes the damage already present much less noticeable.

More Things to Consider

An exterior painting job is a simple renovation, but it does more than change the look of your home. Since it helps protect against weather conditions, insects, and more, it is a worthwhile investment for homeowners looking to renovate their property.

Hiring an experienced painting company that uses the highest quality painting and other materials is best. This will increase the likelihood of seamless service and ensure the painting job will last longer.

Rely on Elite Paint Home Renovations

At Elite Paint Home Renovations, we provide professional painting services in Mount Clemens, MI, and the surrounding areas. Our services include cabinet refinishing, basement ceiling paint, and much more. Our team is professional and experienced in the field, enabling them to provide excellent service.

We offer a workmanship guarantee, meaning we show every homeowner their finished project and ensure that there is no chipping or flaking. Our team members will gladly answer any questions or concerns that come up throughout the process. Don’t hesitate to reach out.

Get the home you have always wanted by counting on our experts to help you with exterior painting. Contact Elite Paint Home Renovations at 586-745-1390 to schedule a service. We offer a free quote if you contact us today.

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